The Company's duties included:


1. Construction of an Oil Jetty, 1.5 Km length. 

2. Installation of Inclined Steel Tubular Piles, 50 m long, 1.2 m diameter, 40 ton, 1:3 inclination.

3. Installation of Monopiles, 3 m diameter, 52 m long, 200 ton.

4. Concrete works (pre - cast and cast in - situ offshore).


The Client of the project was J&P Ltd and J&P (Overseas) Ltd. Construction works lasted about twenty (20) months. The project was completed in July 2014. 

"One day at the VTTV Oil Tank Terminal Station"


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The VTTV Oil Marine Jetty is located in the Vassilikos area, Cyprus and is considered a masterpiece in several ways. The project, which was completed within less than two years of the Signed Agreement between the interested parties, is now fully operational.


Archimedes SA was a Sub - Contractor with the sole responsibility of securing the foundations of the Jetty, namely by hammering a number of inclined piles to the seabed.


The expert engineering knowledge that was applied, in addition to the impeccable implementation skills of our workforce, led to the successful completion of this demanding project and established our company as a professional in marine construction.