ARCHIMEDES S.A. and P&C DEVELOPMENT S.A. are the two Contractors assigned to carry out all the relevant works for the upgrade of the local fishing harbor in Alyki area, Paros Island. The Project includes the following:


  1. 1. Construction of a new dock for the mooring of the fishermen boats.
  2. 2. Enhancement of the stability of the harbor’s breakwater, by means of partial reconstruction.
  3. 3. Formation of a walkway on the breakwater for locals and visitors to use.
  4. 4. Extension of the breakwater, in order to provide more mooring places in deeper waters.
  5. 5. Construction of another, smaller dock on the extension of the breakwater.

After its upgrade, the harbor will be suitable to accommodate 103 boats in total. Maximum width for boats to moor inside the harbor will be 12 meters, and maximum width 25 meters for boats to moor at the breakwater extension.