Multi Marine Services Ltd has upgraded its naval establishments by installing a Floating Dock (dimensions 120m x 32m) within the New Port of Limassol, Cyprus.


Archimedes S.A. was responsible for placing the foundations of this act prior to the installation of the floating dock "Ereneos", namely the following:


1. Installation of two (2) Steel Mono Piles by use of Hydrohammer, to hold the Dock on position.

2. Dredging of the designated area to reach a specific depth, in order for the Dock to sink safely.

3. Installation of one (1) Steel Mono Pile by use of Hydrohammer, for ships' mooring.

4. Installation of 46 Steel Sheet Piles by use of Vibratory Hammer, to form an access quay to the Floating Dock.

5. Installation of 116 Steel Sheet Piles underwater by use of Vibratory Hammer, to form barrier walls surrounding the dredged area.

6. Construction of the access quay to the Floating Dock.


The floating dock was operational since January 2018, however the whole project was successfully delivered on May 2018.


The following video was released from Multi Marine Services Ltd, presenting the floating Dock "Ereneos" and its service capacities.