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  • (2019) Installation of Pontoon Piles at Ayia Napa Marina, Cyprus
  • (2016) Construction of the Marina in Agios Kirikos, Ikaria island, Greece
  • Floating Crane "Astakos"

Recently Completed: Installation of Pontoon Piles in Ayia Napa Marina, Cyprus

<< See video: A quick overview of the Ayia Napa Marina project

On August 2nd, 2018, Caramondani - Bellingham LTD signed an agreement with M.M. Makronisos Marina LTD for the execution of the EPC/ Turnkey contract for floating dockage at the project:


"Development of Ayia Napa Marina, WP1: Marine works, Infrastructure, Essential Building, Dry Stack and Port Facilities"


Caramondani - Bellingham LTD assigned to Archimedes S.A. - Cyprus Branch certain works of the aforementioned project, namely the following services:

1. Welding of piles according to "Pile Slicing Details".

2. Installation of vertical and raked piles (137 in total).

3. Tolerance for pile driving +/- 50 mm.

4. Inclination for all raked piles 4 to 1.

5. All vertical piles driven to +2.40mCD.

6. All raked piles driven to -5.90mCD or -6.70mCD.

7. All raked piles cut underwater.

8. Pile sleeves installed on all vertical piles.


The project was successfully completed and delivered in July 2019.

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